Saturday, August 20, 2016


Many people have asked, "Can you really take a vacation, while on vacation?"  They say that Americans are the worst when it comes to actually detaching themselves from their jobs to actually take vacations.  How did we get to this point in life?  Where did we go wrong?

I found myself in the midst of that very thought this morning when I woke up in my beautiful hotel room with a view of the beach.  I woke up feeling very uncomfortable and uneasy.  I was stuck between what I want to do, what I should be doing and what I needed to do.  What a horrible feeling.  I got out of and got back in the bed. I tossed and turned and then I said to myself, "I am on vacation.  I can do whatever I want, when I want."  Easier said than done I know.

The only thing that I could think of doing was putting on my workout clothes and taking a stroll on the beach.  I walked a mile up the beach and turned around and came back down.  By the time I returned back to my hotel, I felt like a new person.  

It might take a moment to wash off the stresses of the world, the responsibilities back home, and the work load of your job. But, whatever you have to do to wash it way, do it because you have to own your vacation.  If you are good at your job, put that much effort into being good to yourself.  You deserve it! For me, the walk on the beach was just what I needed.  When I returned, I felt like my mind was clear, and at that point I could move forward with doing what I wanted, when I wanted to, because after all, I am on vacation… Right!

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